Thursday, 9 February 2012

The rain & the raw

This is a photo of a lady I’m staying with in Chiltern, Victoria. Well, I think she's a lady. Can’t wait to meet her!

As a few correspondents have mentioned how wet it’s been in Queensland this summer (our winter) I thought I’d check out the rainfall stats on Wikipedia. It rains more in a year in Cairns than it does in Paisley (closest weather station to Glasgow) by a ratio of 79 : 49! Sydney has marginally less and Melbourne nearly half as much. I thought Australia was hot and dry. Well at least it’s sunnier over there. Paisley averages 34 hours of sunshine throughout the whole of January, whereas Cairns basks in 192 hours - inbetween downpours that is.

Here’s another Couchsurfing reply I received today :

Hi there Adrian...

It certainly looks like you are a very experienced CSer!!

I usually like guests to stay for more than two days - if possible - so as to get to know them and establish a good friendship.

How long are you planning to be in Cairns?

Will you dive the Great Barrier Reef while you're here? It's of course one of the main reasons why people come here to visit.

The weather in April in North Queensland will be a warm but the humidity will have dropped a little - so that will make your journey more pleasant. At present, it's about 70%.

I moved here from New Zealand 11 years ago, and I have cycled around all the South Island... so I can understand your amazing journey.

Finally, I'm a nudist, and my home is a nudist environment, are you ok with that?

My mother will be having kittens. Actually the thought of being nude anywhere but my shower is a scary thought as I shiver cross-legged and fingerless-gloved at my computer.

I’m still looking for more hosts (naturist or otherwise) if anyone knows of anyone in the land of the free from clothes.

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