Thursday, 23 February 2012

Four 'n' Twenty

According to the man who will soon be sleeping in my bed (not in the biblical sense) these are delicious pies. They are the most popular meat pies in Victoria, you can get hot ones at 7-elevens and I don't think blackbirds feature in them. Lucie tells me about vanilla milkshakes too, which apparently can't be found for love or money over here. She thought those little wooden forks you sometimes get with chips were funny too. It's interesting what one notices and remembers about other countries.

This is something that struck me as noteworthy about Lucie's country. I was watching a TV programme entitled Best Undressed the other day, concerning the entrants in a Miss Nude Australia contest (for research purposes you understand). One of the competitors talked to the documentary-maker about how a mother of a terminally sick young man had approached her to ask if she would strip for him at his hospice. She thought it was a bit weird, but went along with it. She performed her routine in front of the young man, literally lying in his deathbed and he was unable to move or speak, along with his friends, as I recall. A few days later she received an SMS from the mother thanking her and saying that her son had just died.

A man in Perisher Valley, New South Wales, replied to my Couchsurfing request today. Not only the name is off-putting, but also the fact that the town is actually on top of a mountain. Because it's at an altitude of 5,640', which is 2,528' higher - and 19 miles further - than Jindabyne, I might stay in a hotel in the latter. If I go to Perisher Valley it will entail two back-to-back 100+ mile rides (as opposed to 85 & 87 miles via Jindabyne) - and this would be only a week into the journey.

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