Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Going live

Yesterday I bunged up servers the world over with my dastardly viral email. I sent so many that my Yahoo account kept telling me off with warning messages about spam and making me copy letters into a box, sign in again and generally waving an electronic finger at me. I am hoping to create a bit of a buzz about my exploits and really want people to post on here. Nearly 24 hours later one person has commented. Woo hoo! These are some of the other replies I received :

I will be reading your blog and appreciate that it's your sour butt not mine.

Is this the same Adrian who bicycled across the US playing Scrabble?? Adrian, don't you EVER stay home?

Good luck on your 3500 mile odyssey! I first heard of you through the Scrabble site when you were in the PNW of the USA. Hoped to meet you then, but it did not work out. I'm a cyclist too though on a much smaller scale ;-)
Best wishes from Oregon!

pls unsubscribe me

Thanks for the below, unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea who you are.

In other news, I looked into bike bags. They’re very similar to body bags and could serve as one if you chopped the legs off. It’s a bit like that with bikes as you have to remove the wheels. I need to package my bicycle in some way to take it on the plane. A bag would be a good idea as I can use it again, they have handles and they’re easier to carry than a box. So I went into a bike shop. I don’t know what I was thinking of. It’s huge and heavy - and has to be to protect it. There’s no way I could carry it on my bike. Folded up it would fill up a whole pannier and I only have two. There’s no point in taking one on the outward flight, leaving it in Melbourne and then using a box in Cairns. I could post it but that would cost money... So I will probably be boxing it up again.

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