Friday, 3 February 2012

Ozzie Open

As an Ozziephile and a tennis nut I was of course enjoying the coverage of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Not that I have Sky TV or anything and was quite content with the blinkng boxes on the electronic scoreboard, where I paid particular attention to the Murray matches. However, for the first time ever, I listened to the official radio station. It was a treat because the dulcet, dark-brown voiced commentators were so laid back and humorous - unlike the stuffy old BBC. They talked about balls being out by a bee's nadger and a female pundit was given the specific task of counting how many times Rafa Nadal adjusted his shorts, which he does very often at the gusset. I can't imagine Sue Barker, the Wimbledon lynchpin, engaging in such antics.

Today I bought more plane tickets. I have to get from Glasgow to Heathrow and the easiest option seems to be by air, especially when transporting a bicycle, which is the best way to travel, but ironically a very awkward object to transport. My bike and I will also be flying from Cairns back to Melbourne. I would rather have taken the train, yet although the three states in question have settled their differences with regard to gauge widths, I would still need to change twice and just getting to Brisbane takes two days. At least I'll get to see the landmass from above.

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