Thursday, 16 February 2012


Dear Dr. O’Mittenz?,

I’m writing to you about the most irritating sound I have ever heard? It’s what has become known simply as the Interrogative Inflection?, but it’s official name is the Australian Interrogative Inflection (AII)? You know what I’m talking about? It’s when speakers put a slight inflective lilt at the end of every single sentence? sometimes in the middle of a sentence? to make everything sound like a question? And to make you look like a complete idiot?

I came across this when Googling 'Australian inflection'. Also known as HRT (high rise terminal) this is one of the few things I'm not looking forward to. I'm also slightly worried I will start doing it myself. Apparently I already have an Australian accent, even though I've never set foot in the country. Especially in Scotland, but in England also people ask me if I'm from the Antipodes. Just yesterday I phoned a lady in England I had met last summer to do with work and trying to remember our encounter, she asked if I was Australian. I can only surmise that after living north of the border for 21 years my accent has softened and slurred as I've subconciously tried to blend in and not sound as if I've got a plum stuck up my backside (as one girlfriend put it). Maybe I am returning to my spiritual homeland.

I have been checking out hotels as well because some legs of my journey are Couchsurferless. Using Google maps I came across a hotel in Carmila, northern Queensland, which a lady by the name of Jessica had reviewed. She had given it four stars and written :

Looking good. I might just stay there one day.

Thanks for that Jessica.

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