Saturday, 10 March 2012

Albury to Khancoban

Pat had already left by the time I got up. He's a super keen cyclist and he has set himself the target of bagging the ten highest mountains in the area during a set time period, along with some other idiots. I had politely declined his invitation to join him in going up Mount Hoth. Trace took me on a tour of the town and I topped up my rations at the supermarket. Trace joined me for the first part of today's ride, which was very helpful as it was complicated. We went through a park and past an open air pool; good to see so many people outdoors using these facilities. Trace left me after 15 miles and I continued towards Lake Hume and the town of Tallangata, where I stopped for a chicken sandwich. Leaving the large lake behind, an arduous uphill section had me in a sweat and I had to keep pausing to mop my brow. Then on the downhill section that followed I got my head low and reached 42 mph. The scenery hereabouts is scrubland dotted with cattle and rolling hills topped with gum trees. I had planned to reach Corryong, but as I had no host to stay with and knew the next day's ride would be a struggle, I stuffed a second banana in my gob and rode on to the next town 16 miles down the road. Arrived in tiny Khancoban in the dark, after 8 pm, with 99 miles on the clock.

Checked into the Alpine Inn and had fish 'n' chips in the brightly lit, austere bar. This being Saturday night after horseracing in the town, it was quite busy with drunken revellers and I had to wait ages for my food. One of the barmaids kept calling me doll and the other one had a scary, predatory look about her. There was a horseracing section in there, including TV screens showing races in England. No wi fi unfortunately and the TV in ugly, threadbare room 13 only had three channels showing American drivel.


  1. Wow well done Adrian. 160km after such a late start. You'll be joining Pat on his mountain climbs pretty soon. I'd put money on it.

  2. No way! I couldn't face it again. I was only able to do it because I didn't know what lay in store!